About us

VTC Mfg Industries Inc., sister company of Industries NRC Inc. is entirely dedicated to the design, production and sale of specialized light industrial vehicles, mainly loaders, lift trucks, tow tractors and other types of equipment for custom applications.

Our products cover a wide range of industries such as public works, raw material handling & transformation, recycling and airport ground support equipment. Alcan, Bombardier Aerospace, Premier Horticulture and the city of Montreal count amongst our growing customer base.

The VTC tractor is a trustworthy, versatile low maintenance tool capable of tackling tasks that no other vehicle its size can accomplish. Our vehicle’s unique characteristics include…

  • Overall toughness of frame and components.
  • Ease and efficiency of operation.
  • Its small size for specific applications.
  • Operator comfort.
  • Four wheel drive.
  • Its articulated frame.
  • Ease of maintenance.


Less maintenance, more loading capacity and more speed mean less downtime, more productivity and additional profitability.

VTCmfg specialized tractors are sold to various customers across Canada and the US. The most current applications for VTC tractors are :

Public works:


  • For its year round applications, vast choice of tools and attachments, ergonomic cab and low maintenance, VTC utility tractors offer a unique solution to municipalities.
  • Year round sidewalk maintenance (plows, snow blowers, salt/sand spreaders, sweepers, rinsing units, etc)
  • Bicycle path and park maintenance (sweepers, mowers, buckets, forks).
  • Models 900-V and attachments, Tools


Industrial material handling:

In rough terrain, extreme conditions or limited workspace, VTC has the right vehicle for the application:

  • Recycling : special loaders for containers
  • Models 500-T,
  • Horticulture : rough terrain forklift
  • Special construction and demolition sites with low clearance restrictions. (e.g. underground parking)
  • Model 900-V



  • Specialized lift trucks for deployment of supply operations
  • Model 500-T
  • Tow tractors for airbase
  • New model coming soon for our TT series


Airport ground support: